CCA Information

The City of Lancaster utilizes City of Cleveland Central Collection Agency (CCA) to assist with delinquent tax collection efforts.

The City of Lancaster is expanding its efforts to collect the filing of missing income tax returns and collection of any subsequent tax, penalties and interest due to the City of Lancaster.

Residents Receiving Notices From the CCA
Residents who have not filed a return with the City of Lancaster and are required to, will begin receiving notices from the City of Cleveland CCA regarding missing tax filings for the City of Lancaster.

Residents receiving notices must respond to CCA in writing within 30 days, provide a completed questionnaire, a copy of all pertinent federal tax return filings and associated W-2’s, Federal Schedules, supporting documentation, or other relevant documents.

Unpaid / Nonfiled Taxes
Taxpayers found liable for unpaid and/or nonfiled taxes will be required to pay penalties and interest on the unpaid tax balances. Failure to pay delinquent balances due may result in legal action to collect.

All responses and inquiries should be directed to the City of Cleveland CCA at 877-878-8587. The City of Lancaster cannot respond to inquiries from individual taxpayers regarding this particular collection program.

Lancaster's Contract With the CCA
The City of Lancaster has contracted with the City of Cleveland CCA to send the taxpayer notices and to collect unpaid taxes, penalties and interest. By law, the City of Lancaster, as a city with population under 250,000, may not petition the IRS for federal taxpayer information. CCA does have the ability to access such data from the IRS, and can utilize this information of behalf of the cities that they contract with to do collection work. CCA specializes in collecting municipal income taxes and serves approximately 50 cities and villages in Ohio.

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