2016 Lancaster Sewer Lining

The City of Lancaster has entered into a contract with Miller Pipeline to renovate existing sewers located on East Main Street and West 6th Avenue. Work is scheduled to begin April 4th, 2016, and should last 2-3 weeks.

This project is not a traditional sewer construction project. Instead it uses Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) technology. In CIPP construction, a liner is impregnated with resin and pulled through existing sewer. Heated water cures the resin and makes a structurally sound pipe. Once the resin is cured, a remote cutter is used to reconnect the sanitary sewer service lines. Because the existing pipe is lined, there is only minor excavation to set manholes and insert equipment. This project may also include point repairs of critical sections of pipe. This will be performed with as little surface disruption as possible. Using this technology allows us to complete the project sooner and reduce tearing up the streets for construction with the related issues of street closures, noise, and dust.

There are some things you will need to know about the project. The CIPP process will be done on a section by section basis, with each section requiring a couple days. Once the process of inserting the liner starts, it will be around the clock work until the curing is completed and connections are restored. The estimated time according to our contractor is 10 hours. During this time period, you can expect some closings or traffic restrictions, construction related noise, odors and service disruption.

The most significant issue is disruption of the sanitary sewer service for certain residents and businesses along East Main Street. Your sanitary sewer service line will be effectively blocked for this period until the cutter can reconnect the line. There will be no way for water to leave your drains. During this period, you will not be allowed to use water for toilets, sinks, showers, laundry, dishwashers, or any other purpose that drains into the sewer system. Sump pumps, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and other appliances that discharge to the sewer will need to be disconnected. Water will still be available for drinking and cooking purposes. You may also notice cloudy or rusty water during construction. Prior to the service interruption, you will receive a door hangar from Miller Pipeline with the exact date and time of the interruption. The notice will also instruct you to cover your drains and toilets during the period to block any odors during construction.For more information on preparation please view the PowerPoint. The City will not be liable for sewage backups during this construction period. If you do not receive a notice, your service will not be disrupted. If you have special medical conditions that will be impacted by this construction, please contact us at (740) 687-6614 so that we can assist you.


Sixth Street Sewer Line

Main Street Sewer Line

Project Timeline

Week of  4/11 Monday 4/11 - Tuesday 4/12 Clean and video record inside sewer pipe
  4/11-5/6   Point repairs of damaged pipe sections
  5/8 Monday 5/9- Thursday 5/12 Sewer lining begins. week of anticipated disruptions