Superstar Tennis Camp

My daughter, Lauren, has Down syndrome and is now 19. Since 2010, she has been attending No Limits Superstar tennis camp in Lancaster. This camp is operated through Lancaster Parks and Recreation. Since this camp is inclusive of athletes of ALL abilities, Lauren has learned many lessons.

It has been amazing to see her progress with the sport of tennis as well. When the camp first started, she was not able to get the ball over the net. Now, she has a good forehand and an ever better backhand—her sister has to watch out when she is on the same court because sometimes Lauren decides that Rachel is a better target than the hula hoops or cones!

The entire community has come together for the last seven years to make this camp a success. Tennis is a lifetime sport and everyone in our family has either played (or at least attempted to play, ha!) at some point. This camp is a place where the sport is made accessible to everyone, regardless of ability or disability.Teamwork and sportsmanship are encouraged, lasting friendships are made, health and fitness are promoted, and the mission of the camp shines through on all five courts: building on abilities!

Lauren is comfortable and confident visiting the Lancaster High School tennis courts outside of camp to improve her game. When she picks out her outfits in the mornings, she almost always selects a tennis camp shirt and has all seven years of shirts on a pretty consistent rotation. She is a proud representative of tennis camp wherever she goes!

2019 Superstar Tennis Camp

Please complete registration and return to Park Office at 1507 E. Main Street.  Deadline for registration is Wednesday, May 1, 2019

2019 Superstar Tennis Camp Registration Form

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NOTE:  A limited number of camp SCHOLARSHIPS are available to athletes with disabilities.  Please contact  Lisa at SOCIL, 740-689-1494 Ext.10 for additional information. 


2015 NLA Tennis Camp
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