2018 Paving Project


Contractor: TBD

Estimate: $1,369,000.00

2018 Paving Project
-Kanawha Rd. (E. Main St. to Pleasantville Rd.)
-Sells Rd. (E. Main St. to Marietta Rd.)
-Baldwin Dr. (E. Main St. to Kemper Ave.)
-E. Chestnut St. (S. Broad St. to S. Maple St.)
-Hunter Ave. (Fairfield Heritage Trail to Lincoln Ave.)
-Witte St. (Fairfield Heritage Trail to Pine St.)
-Pine St. (Talmadge Ave. to Hunter Ave.)
-Center St. (Talmadge Ave. to Hunter Ave.)
-Willow St. (Hunter Ave. to End)

-Deerfield Ct. (End to Sells Rd.)
-Buckingham Ln. (End to Parkland Dr.)
-Tenant St. (E. Walnut St. to E. Main St.)

For Questions or Assistance

Lancaster Department of Transportation

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Lancaster Engineering Department

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